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Baric Fluid Handling was formed in March 1970 by Richard (Rick) Kilday working from home in Lobley Hill Gateshead. Following two moves to small office accommodation in Gateshead, in 1972 Baric expanded into a custom built factory in Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne, when the company was renamed Baric Pumps Ltd - they developed and manufactured the Trident range of in-line pumps along with associated products for the building services industry - including the first fully packaged Expak sealed system unit.
Baric introduced Nitrogen pressurisation sets and booster sets to compliment their comprehensive range of products. Moving to larger custom built premises in Baltic Road Gateshead the company expanded their Linepak, Twinline and Thermopak pump manufacturing facilities, developed the Peripak pump for the brewing industry and became a leading manufacturer of Lube oil pumping sets - exporting to dozens of countries around the world.
Baric Pumps Ltd was sold in June 1992....the principals at Fluid Automation were all part of the Baric story and are therefore able to give support, technical advice and replace the range of Baric equipment......

baric fluid handling - 1970
baric pumps ltd - 1972
Baric Fluid Handling - 1970
Baric Pumps Ltd - 1972
baric pumps linepak brochure - 1980
baric pumps booster brochure - 1981
Baric Pumps Linepak brochure - 1980
Baric Pumps booster brochure - 1981
baric pumps nitrogen sets - 1985
baric pumps expak sealed systems brochure - 1987
Baric Pumps Nitrogen sets - 1985
Baric Pumps Expak brochure - 1987
baric pumps peripak brochure - 1986
baric pumps pump book - 1990
Baric Pumps Peripak 1986
Baric Pumps catalogue - 1990

Baric Pumps Lube oil systems 1988

Baric Pumps - Lube Oil Systems 1988, Gateshead factory

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